"Louis has an announcement in February"
"Their contract with Modest ends in January"
"It was rumored that Larry would come out on the 22/02/14"
"Harry’s password on his phone is 2202"
I swear if Larry don’t come out, I set Modest, my house and myself on fire.



But can you imagine nobody can find Louis and Harry right before an interview because they’ve gone off together and everyone’s stressing out trying to find them and when they do they’ve been making out or doing something naughty in a closet for like twenty minutes and they locked the door and an exasperated member of management bangs on it and says “come out” and Louis just goes “I thought you said we weren’t allowed”


the fact that larry is the only ship that is being quieted down is probably the most suspicious thing of it all, any other pairing is fine BUT harry and louis together? hell to the no. They are NEVER seen together, or even interacting, it’s just so obvious. COME ON management, seperating them is just making us question things even more

I’m so pissed and I feel so bad for Louis


I really wish it was legal to punch some in the face, so I could book a flight and punch Modest Management in the face, hopefully break a nose or two. 
Or throw eggs at them, preferably deviled ones, that leave stains and a nasty smell behind that lingers around for days. 


Modest! Management is the devil. There is NO REASON Louis shouldn’t have had that $2 million HIMSELF to pay for DRFC and the fact that he might be losing his DREAM because they refuse to pay him the money he’s EARNED is sickening. ((((((or whatever the fuck the reason is THE MONEY DIDN’T GET TO DRFC)))))


No, it’s absolutely NOT the fans job to donate, but the fact that no “mysterious 11th hour benefactor” didn’t means he definitely doesn’t have as much money as we think. $2 million should be EASY for a billion dollar boy band. Fuck you, Modest.


YOU CAN IGNORE THIS RANT IF YOU WANT. Also I’m using speech to text so sorry about the annoying * I’m too lazy to fix it.

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